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Visit our local store or contact us at or 940-365-5933 and let us help you with your next quilting project!

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It's not too late to play!!!

Here's how it works.  You go to our website and purchase a $10 spot in the programand we will apply that $10 toward your materials.  We have limited spaces so get in early!

All materials are to ship by June 30.  Purchase either the sewing book or the embroidery book (which comes with a CD), the fabric kit, and the embellishment kit.  Then you are all set!

Your clues will be mailed to you the week of August 3.  NO ONE knows what this looks like so we will be as surprised as you once it is finished.  This link Love Notes will get you to where you can make your reservation and your purchase.


Quilters Trek True Blue

Formerly Row by Row, Quilters Trek begins June 21 thru September 8. 

All blocks/rows will be done predominatly in blue. 

The shops have made 4 - 9" blocks or a 9" x 36" row. 

The rows should coordinate easier because of the common color theme. 

As before, to win a prize you must be the first to bring in your completely

finished quilt and it must include the names of all the shops you've collected

your blocks/rows from. 

Check out the Quilters Trek Bow Ties facebook page

to so the participating shops in our area.

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